Here are some short notes I find useful. These are simple things that I found myself repeatedly digging around for.



[image links to hires PDF] An illustration of the Lyα forest in a z = 2.6 quasar using our simulations. The background here is the HI density field from a Nyx simulation, which shows the evolution of the transmission through the IGM. The spectrum is also computed from the simulation, so the amount of blending and broadening is as realistic as possible. The quasar continuum is the Vanden Berk et al. 2001 composite.
A cartoon of skewers piercing a simulation box. The volume rendering is the HI density from a small part of a larger simulation. Apologies for the low resolution mesh, but it was all that Python could handle! Made with Mayavi2.
Volume rendering of the baryon density from a small box simulation, highlighting small ranges of density. The blue shows a density 4 times the mean and the yellow shows a density 60 times the mean. Made with VisIt.